Incurance policy, coverings & waivers                                                                                                           

Car rental rates, include collision damage waiver full insurance (CDW) with a deductible amount depending on the car group.

CDW insurance is valid for vehicle’s body parts, windows and mirrors. 

Insurance for public liability (PLI) and third-part insurance with up to 750.000 euro for persons and up to 750.000 euro for damaged properties. 

In the unfortunate event of accidental injury, personal life insurance is also included and valid for driver and all passengers with coverage up to 15.000 euro for each passenger.


Fire and theft protection (FTPW) waiver, are provided with no self-participation and cover the rental vehicle for total or partial loss. 

Theft insurance however, does not cover any stolen belongings of the renter.


Flat tire

In case of flat tire during the rental, the replacement of the flat tire with the spare, is clearly a responsibility of the renter and the company assumes no responsibility. 

If punctured the tire of the car under normal driving conditions (not by off road driving), the driver is exempt from all responsibility and the repair of the tire bears the company (costs will be covered when a receipt is provided). 

To rid the renter from any charge, the driver shall immediately replace the punctured tire with the spare. 

Renter is not covered, if insists on driving with a flat tire!


Driving Conditions

We inform our clients, that all rental vehicles are strictly for driving in asphalted streets only!

In case the renter, drives the rental vehicle off-road, or in any other unsealed street (Balos, etc.), there is absolutely none insurance coverage and the renter bares full responsibility, so for any damages that may occur to the rental vehicle, as well for the cleaning of mud, dust, etc., in the interior and exterior of the vehicle.


Important Insurance Tips

In the unfortunate event of an accident, regardless the responsibility, the renter needs to inform the rental company at once.

Τhe nearest police station, as well the insurance company should also be notified the sooner by the rental company, in order to proceed to the accident location and obtain a report, at the real time of the fact. 

Renter bares full responsibility for any injuries, damages to the rental vehicle, properties etc. that may occur, in case deferred notification to the rental company.



Insurance in no case, covers wheels, tires, the underside of the vehicle, damages that may be cause to the vehicle, while driving on unpaved or dirt roads, as well any damages may cause to the vehicle by animals (dogs, goats, etc.).

The renter is responsible for theft or damages in the interior of the vehicle, for loss or damage to the car key, as well for the additional equipment (baby seats, GPS device, etc.)

For any damages that may be caused to the rental vehicle by driver's negligence, obvious tampering, drunk driving or drugs, conceding the vehicle to a third person not listed in the rental contract, driving outside Crete, ignoring overheating index or other warning signs, the renter is fully responsible for the total amount of the repair costs.

Renter is not covered if insists on driving with a flat tire, overheat indicator or other warning signs.

Accidents caused, due to violation of the international traffic regulations, are NOT covered by any insurance.