Incurance & coverage                                                 

Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW), is included in every rental and reduces the renter's liability in case of accident or damage to the rental vehicle, up to a maximum excess amount, depending on the car category.

Full Damage Waiver Insurance (FDW)including complete insurance coverage with No Excess, in case of accident or damage to the rental vehicle, by the renter's fault.
F.D.W insurance, is provided upon request with an additional daily charge depending on the car category & is valid for rentals of minimum duration, of one week.

*FDW insurance package is not available for: Jeep & SUV vehicles, Convertibles, Minivans & Minibuses.

Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) without excess, for Personal Injuries per victim, 
      up to 1.200.000 euro.

  Public Liability Insurance (PLI) without excess, for material & properties, up to 1.200.000 euro.

  Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) without excess, for medical expensies, up to 5.000 euro. 

  Fire and theft protection (FTP), are also provided without excess and cover the rental vehicle, 
       for total or partial loss. Theft insurance however, does not cover any stolen belongings of the renter.


Driving in Crete

We inform our clients, that all rental cars of our fleet, regardless category, are allowed to be driven, in asphalted roads only!

In case the renter, drives the rental vehicle off-road, or in any other dirt road (e.g Balos, etc.) there is absolutely no insurance coverage and the renter bares full responsibility, both for any damages to the rental vehicle, and for the cleaning of mud, dust, etc., in the interior and exterior of the car.


  Flat tire

In case of flat tire during the rental, the replacement with the spare one, is on the jurisdiction of the renter and the company assumes no responsibility. 

If punctured a tire under normal driving conditions (not by off-road driving), the driver is exempt from any responsibility and the repair costs of the tire bears the company (all costs will be covered, when providing a receipt). 

Renter is not covered, if he insists driving with flat tire!



Accident Case

In case of an accident you must notify the company immediately at +306977574699 

Take all the details from the parties involved and complete the accident form once the insurance care service arrives at the scene. 
Failure to complete the accident form, will result the total cost of the repair to be charged to the renter.

Do not admit or accept any responsibility unless you are sure what you are signing for.
Do not abandon the vehicle, otherwise you will be charged recovery costs. 

If necessary inform the Police and/or the Ambulance - emergency phone line 112.


Cases not covered from insurance

Items/cases not covered by the insurance are:

-Tires, rims, wheels & the undercarriage of the car
-Damages while driving off-road/dirt roads, (Balos, etc.)
-Incorrect fuel
-Damages by animals
-Damages in the vehicle cabin
-Damages, losses, or any other harm suffered in the equipment, goods or personal items carried in the vehicle
-Damage or loss of accessories supplied with the vehicle (baby seats, aerial, car jack, security triangles, reflective vests, wipers, fuel tank cap, boot trays).
-Damage to the clutch by misuse of the renter
-Damage/loss of the car key or the remote controls (cost starts from 70 to 400 euros, depending on the key/remote type)
-Driving with flat tire, overheat indicator or other warning signs

For neglectfulness driving or disrespectful actions towards the rental vehicle, driving under influence of alcoohol, drugs or other substances, conceding the vehicle to a person not registered in the rental contract, ignoring overheating index & other warning signs, driving or ferrying the rental vehicle outside Crete, the renter will be the only responsible, for the damages and the repair costs that may arise.

Accidents that being caused after violation of the International Traffic Regulations, are NOT covered by the insurance!