Required documentation to pick up your car
Driving license of each driver, passport or identity card, valid Credit card (on the name of the driver)
 Age requirements
Minimum age for driver to rent a car:
23 years old for Economy & Medium Category, with valid driving licence issued at least 2 years before the rental date.
25 years old for all other categories, with valid driving licence issued at least 3 years before the rental date.
Maximum age limit is 70 years old.
 Second driver
You can add a second driver in your rental agreement, without extra charge.
 Payment methods accepted
We accept cash payments, credit & debit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro), bank transfer & online payments via Viva Wallet platform.
 Rental Guarantee Preauthorization
Upon delivery of your car, you will be requested to provide a valid credit card (VISA or Mastercard) so that the company reserves the predefined security deposit amount on your credit card. 
Security deposit is blocked/held until the end of the rental and is returned/unblocked when the vehicle will return at the same condition as it was in the beggining of the rental.
Releasing the security deposit, takes from 24 hrs up to 30 days to be available, depending on the bank.
Credit cards that being used for pre-authorization, should be hold on the name of the main driver.
 Confirmation of a Booking
Bookings are confirmed with an advanced payment, payable with Bank Transfer or with credit/debit card via Viva Wallet Payments.
Only in some occassions, (e.g last minute booking) a reservation can be confirmed without advance payment, you may contact us for further information
 Fuel policy
We deliver the car to you with a certain amount of petrol and you should return it back with the same level of fuel.
If you return the vehicle with less petrol than you started with, you will be requested to pay the corresponding amount, for the missing fuel, plus refueling fee of 10 euro. 
Refund is not possible in case of more fuel in the tank upon return.
 Traffic Violations & Fines
The renter is responsible for any traffic violations and fines, during the period that the vehicle is under his possession, according to the rental agreement signed.
Αll our cars, are covered 24/7 by roadside assistance. 
In the event of a breakdown or mechanical problems, or if the renter is involved in a car accident, he should call the car rental company immediately. The company is the only responsible, to authorize any repair or management of the vehicle. 
In the event of serious mechanical failure or accident, resulting in complete immobilization of the vehicle, the company will replace the car with another of the same or bigger category, within 24 hours from reporting the incident.
Always keep in mind, that we have the right to investigate the circumstances of an accident or breakdown and not proceed to car replacement, if the use of the car was against our terms & conditions.
 Ferrying the vehicle
Ferrying the rental vehicle to any island or mainland beside Crete, is not allowed!
Insurance in this case will be cancelled and the renter will be responsible for any damage to the vehicle, or other service, if driven elsewhere than the island of Crete.
Car Seats
Car seats for children, are available only on request (subject to availability). 
The renter is responsible to instal the car seat in the vehicle.
  Vehicle pick-up & drop off
We offer free pick-up & drop off services at Heraklion airport, at the port or at the city centre.
For pick-up & drop off services in Chania (airport, port, city) within city limits, applies an additional transfer fee depending on the location, you may contact us for further information.
 Rental period
For car pick-up & drop off at our main office, the minimum rental period, is one (1) day.
*One day rental is considered from the morning at 09:00 until the evening at 20:00, of the same day.
For car pick-up & drop off at Heraklion area (airport or port), the minimum rental period is three (3) days.
For car pick-up & drop off at Chania area (airport or port), the minimum rental period is seven (7) days.
 Late car delivery & return
Delivery and return of vehicle outside office opening hours (from 22:00 until 08:30am) is considered out-of-hours service and is available upon request, at an additional fee.
For further information, please contact us.
 Car Category and Car Capacity 
We are unable to guarantee a particular brand or model during a booking. The car shown on the confirmation document is for guidance only and can be delivered a different car model/brand instead which is deemed to be similar, within the category selected.
The company has no liability when a vehicle is being unsuitable for all passengers and luggage. 
Information provided in our website regarding luggage capacity is for informational purposes only and can vary depending on the car category reserved.
 Rental extension/prolonging
To extend/prolong the rental period, the renter must contact the company by email and send a written request at least 48 hours prior to the return date.
Requests by phone, will not be accepted.
Rental extension, is subject to availability, therefore the renter must be prepared that his/her request, might not be accepted, if the vehicle is already booked. 
 Cancellation/Refund/No Show
Cancellations must be notified in written to the company by email, minimum 72 hours prior to the pick-up. In this case, cancellation process is free.
For notifications related to cancellation of a booking, less than 72 hours from the pick-up, any advance payments will not be refunded.
Refund policy, is not possible for the following:
- Earlier vehicle return (before the date or time stated in the rental agreement) 
- More fuel in the tank upon return
If the customer does not appear on the specified date and time for the car pick up, this will be considered as "No-Show" and in such case the customer is not entititled of refund.
There is a grace period of 2 hours from the pick-up time indicated in the confirmation document, after which, the booking is automaticaly cancelled and considered as a "No-Show". 
 Vehicle Condition & Use
You will deliver a fully sanitized and clean vehicle upon arrival. It is your responsibility to maintain the correct functioning of the car, by keeping the right tire presure, beware of any warning signals, keep the interior clean and other common sense actions.
The rented vehicle, can only be used for leissure use and by the drivers stated in the rental contract. In the event that the vehicle is being used against company's rental Terms, the company has the right to terminate the rental without possibility of any kind of reimbursement. The company reserves the right to carry out all legal actions, to obtain compensation for any corresponding damages.
Upon return, if the vehicle will be more than the normal wear or tear dirty, including sand in the interior (seats, floor, trunk), stains on seats, vomit, hair from animals etc., so that the vehicle requires special cleaning process, you will be charged 100 euro.
   Smoking & Pet Policy
Pets can be transported only in a special animal transport case, after the written aproval of the company.
Smoking is stricktly prohibited in the cars. Penalty for smoking in the rented vehicle is 150 euro.